Apex BloodHound

 If the gods will it, we vinna.

Hound dog consistently references Old Norse language and folklore with the words they use and their pronunciation. Instances of these are: 

Saying "slátra" ("Butcher" in Old Norse) in their trailer and voice jokes, calling foes "andskoti" ("fallen angel") and alluding to their raven/colleagues as "Félagi Fighter(s)" (Old Norse: "Félagi", which means buddy or accomplice) 

Making various references the Allfather, a normally utilized kenning for the Norse god Odin. 

Hunting dog is frequently observed with a raven, likely a reference to Huginn and Muninn, ravens from Norse folklore that venture to the far corners of the planet and give the data they find to Odin. 

Hunting dog's raven is named Artur, after Hound dog's uncle. He seems to share his namesake's hatred for innovation, as he frequently assaults Pathfinder. 

The official Twitter account once mistakenly tweeted out that the raven's name is "Arthur".[4] In any case, an in-game Uncommon appeal of the feathered creature affirms it is spelled "Artur". Strangely, a similar spelling mistake was made again in the first official captions of "The Old Ways" short, however for Hunting dog's uncle and not the raven, and was remedied to "Artur" a couple of days after discharge. 

Hound dog has been affirmed as non-double and utilizing they/them pronouns by Respawn People group Chief Jay Frechette[1], Hunting dog's voice entertainer Allegra Clark[2], and Account Executive Mohammad Alavi[3]. 

Hound dog was initially planned to show up in the Titanfall arrangement and can be found in The Specialty of Titan Fall 2 by Andy McVittie [5]

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